Coronavirus Announcement

Free access through July 31st

Covid 19 has affected research all over the world. With universities closing their campuses and governments issuing restrictions on social gatherings, lab-based behavioral research and teaching has ground to a halt. This situation is urgent. Current studies are being disrupted and planned studies cannot get underway until they are adapted to the new reality.

That is why Volunteer Science is offering free access to the platform to academic researchers through July 31st. During this period, all researchers will be able to access the full platform, including the subject management system, integration with Mechanical Turk, and online trainings. We will work with you to translate existing protocol to an online format and begin collecting data immediately. We also understand that researchers must contend with the prospect of future, unplanned shutdowns for the next 12-18 months. Thus, we will also help you create research plans and proposals that incorporate best practices for online research.

We are also working to support faculty move their courses online. Students can participate in experiments on Volunteer Science and generate a certificate for course credit. Moreover, faculty can use Volunteer Science to teach behavioral methods using Volunteer Science. We have a library of over 100 experiments and surveys students and faculty can choose from to create their own study. Faculty can use Volunteer Science in their class for free through July 31st.

Volunteer Science is a platform for creating and conducing online behavioral studies. Since launching the first experiment in 2013, over 100 researchers have recruited almost 700,000 participants from 164 countries to participate in more than 1,000 studies. We accelerate behavioral research by allowing researchers to access cutting edge research tools and share study material, reducing the overhead costs to create and run behavioral studies, and increasing sample size and diversity by creating a community of active and engaged participants all around the world.

To get started, please contact us at so we can provision your account and assess your needs.