Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
We welcome participants from around the world. However, you will need to be 18 years or older in order to provide consent to donate your data for research.
Volunteer Science does not compensate participants. However, individual researchers may compensate participants in specific experiments. For information on whether there is compensation for a specific study please contact the researchers on that study.
Each experiment tries to answer a different research question and thus collects different types of data. You can learn more about the scientific research questions we are trying to answer for each experiment here. We are also planning to allow you to inspect your own data that researchers will use from your profile page.
You can stop your participation in this research at any time. Please email from the email address you used when you registered (if you used Facebook to login, use the email address associated with your Facebook account) and we will delete the data you have volunteered. We will provide an automated method to do this from your profile in the future.
Once you purhcase your account, you can create a study on your research team page
Once you have created your experiment, you can post it to your research team's page on Volunteer Science using the admin interface. Watch this tutorial to see how easy it is.
Once you have created your experiment and posted it online, you have several options for getting subjects to participate.
  • Recruit your own Volunteers: You can recruit your own volunteers by emailing your friends and coworkers. You can also post on social media like Twitter and forums on Reddit that are related to your research. And you can post for free to online volunteer sites like Craigslist or SciStarter.
  • Use our Volunteers: We can put your experiment on our experiments study page We can also advertise your study on our newsletter which goes out to 40,000 volunteers from all over the world. Both of these services are free, we simply review your study for usability and appropriateness for our volunteers. Contact us if you have a study you want us to post.
  • Facebook Ads: You can recruit participants using our Facebook ads system. We have learned what ads work for what audiences and can use those ads to recruit subjects for as little as $0.33 cents per completion. Contact us if you're interested in this.
  • Online Workers:You can use Volunteer Science's native support to recruit workers from Mechanical Turk to participate in your studies. You can pay workers, issue qualifications, and use Mechanical Turk's premium qualifications with Volunteer Science. You can also post your study to online participant pools like Prolific.
  • Students: If you teach at a college or university, you can have students participate in your study for extra credit. Volunteer Science provides a certificate students can use to show they participated in your study.
You can post any study to Volunteer Science using an iframe. You just have to make sure the service you're using has SSL encryption to protect user data. If the url for your study starts with "https", then you are good to go.
  • Qualtrics: You can embed a qualtrics survey into a study on Volunteer Science. Please see our template.
  • Survey Monkey: Survey Monkey uses its own script to embed a survey in websites like Volunteer Science. You can find their instructions here. You can also see an example in our templates.
  • Hosting your own Study: If you use another program like RShiny, PsychoPy, or Expyriment; you can post your study using an iframe.
For any information about your account or how to use Volunteer Science, email us at
  • Look at our documentation and API for a list of tools and functions available to researchers.
  • You can schedule 30 minute tutorials with our staff to show you how to use different features of the platform.
  • We offer a series of instructional videos showing you how to use the platform (watch a tutorial)
  • We offer courses on creating online studies. If you want to learn advanced methods for creating your own studies, this is the way to go.
Once you have created a classroom account, you can invite students using their email address. Simply go to your team page and click "Invite Team Member." Put in your student's email address and click "Add." They will receive an email asking them to join your class.
We will teach your students for you! Just send us an email at and schedule a 30 minute training session with our staff. We'll show your students how to create, post, and collect data on their own experiments.
Once you have created a researcher or classroom account, you can go to your account at Click "Manage Payments." On the next page, select the package you want to purchase and the number of seats. Click "Pay with Card" and then put your contact information and credit card information in the Stripe payment system. Your receipt will be emailed to you automatically.
For a class account, you only need to purchase one seat per section. You should create new teams for multiple courses or multiple sections of the same course.

For researchers, you should purchase one seat for each person on your team. If there are five people using your team, you should purchase five seats. Simply select the plan type you want, Starter or Advanced, the number of researchers, and click "Pay with Card"
If you want some of your team members to access our Advanced features while others only need the Starter features, you must create two separate teams.
If you have any issues with our payment system, please email us at
When you purchase a subscription on Volunteer Science, you are regularly billed each month. If you want to cancel your subscription, please email