Tutorial - Build Your Own Lab!

ICWSM 2017

ICWSM 2017 Tutorial
Monday, May 15, 2017
Montreal, Quebec, CA

WORKSHOP WEBSITE: volunteerscience.com/workshop
SUBMISSION: Submit registrations and proposals via email to j.radford@neu.edu

Registration Information

This workshop will provide hands-on training on cutting-edge approaches to online studies with human subjects. Participants will learn how to create online studies using the Volunteer Science platform (volunteerscience.com). Participants must register by April 17 and are encouraged to register in teams. To register, participants should send an abstract (100-200 words) and contact information for all team members to Jason Radford (j.radford@neu.edu).

Participants are expected to have two study designs ready to be implemented by the time of the workshop; one survey-based and one game-based. These designs should be submitted in a brief proposal (500-750 words) by May 1 to ensure their feasibility and to facilitate development. We will provide feedback on each proposal by May 10.

You can find the full workshop proposal HERE.

Contact Information

For inquiries and additional information please contact Jason Radford at j.radford@neu.edu.