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Tell what happened to you after the Boston Marathon bombing and earn money for charity.

When you run this app, you participate in a study conducted by Northeastern University. The goal of the study is to find out how people use their cell phones during a natural disaster. The study donates $3 to The One Fund[O1] Boston (to help families affected by the bombings) for each person who completes the study.

This app includes a survey about the people you called and texted with before and after the bombings at the Boston Marathon. The survey also has questions about your other experiences after the bombings and your cell phone use in general. The survey takes about 10 minutes. At the end of the survey, the app shows you a profile of your calling and texting after the bombings. The app also summarizes your phone's call and text logs for the study.

All information is anonymous - no names, phone numbers, or email addresses are collected for the study. There is no way you or any of your contacts can be identified in the information sent to the study.

To participate, you must:

  • be age 18 or older,
  • live in the USA, and
  • run the app on your Android smartphone while you are connected to the Internet.

Your participation is voluntary, and you do not have to answer any question you do not want to answer.

All information you give will be used for research only.

This is the official charity for the victims: http://onefundboston.org/

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