Volunteer Science Application Programmer Interface

Using a Template

The quickest way to create a new application with Volunteer Science is to use one of our existing templates. Templates allow you to customize their behavior by setting parameters that control the template functionality. Should your application grow beyond the scope of the template, you may also modify the software generated by the template. To do that, you should read how to Create an Application from Scratch.

This guide shows you how to create a New Application from the Financial Template. You should refer to the individual template documentation (links above) for details about how each template works.

Creating a new Application from Scratch

You may have an idea for an idea for an application that our templates don't cover. Or, you may wish to extend a template with functionality not designed by the original programmer. To do this you will have to learn how to program a new Volunteer Science Application from the Application Programmer Interface (API).

This guide shows you how to create two player Volunteer Science application from scratch. Before attempting to create an application, you should be somewhat familiar with html, css, javascript, and jQuery. You may also write Volunteer Science applications in Java or Flash by appropriately calling the Volunteer Science API methods and binding to the javascript callbacks.

Application Programmer Interface

This guide lists the functions and callbacks that you can use to in your application.

Going Live: How to get real users

This guide describes the procedure to apply for you application to be included in the main rotation for users.