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As of August 17, 2020 researchers have completed the recruitment for this sutdy.

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What is this study about?

Scientists at Gallup are studying what makes groups work. Researchers across the social and behavioral sciences have long studied what makes groups tick and have come up with hundreds of different factors. In this experiment, we're recruiting thousands of groups to participate in a complex study meant to test over 150 of the most important hypotheses all at once. We want to know which matters most.

How does it work?

This study requires 14 participants. Once you click play the game will start loading. Give it about 15-20 seconds to start. You will:

  1. Consent & Survey: Sign a consent form and take a 2-3 minute survey about yourself
  2. Practice: Participate in a brief tutorial and practice round where you will dig, mine, and blow up rocks to collect gold.
  3. Game Lobby: We'll match you in groups of 14-20. While you're waiting, we have some COVID-19 related scientific research you can help out with if you want.
  4. Play! Once matched you'll play a 20 minute game with up to 10 other participants.

You can participate as many times as you like! You can skip the tutorial after your first play through

What is the problem being solved by this study?

Humans are social creatures. The better we are at working together, the more creative, intelligent, and challenging the things we can accomplish are. Great teams build rocket ships, make laws, and win championships. We want to know what makes these great teams different.

How might research in this area change society?

Almost everyone works in teams, were educated in groups and classes in school, marry into a team we call family. Our research will help shed light on what makes all of these types of teams better. And, if we know what makes good teams tick, perhaps we can make the teams in our own lives better.

Who should I contact with questions?

Contact Gallup's World Lab Support Team - They will answer any questions about this study and upcoming experiments.

This study has been approved by Gallup's review board. For further details, please contact Camille Lloyd, Gallup Human Research Protections Program:

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